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Examples of quality and originality

On this page we introduce some of our current partners,
and highlight why their products are so attractive to Mindart.


Reisenthel Accessories (Germany)

Reisenthel is renowned for its simple and thoroughly convenient style. Their “Carry Bag” and “Mini Bag” are (of course) functional bags, which can be compactly stored. “Storage Box,” offered in a full range of color and size variations, can also be used as an interior item. Reisenthel produces acclaimed goods excelling in design and functionality.
Product lineup: bags, storage items, outdoor goods



Established in the year 1832. David Fussenegger is specialized in the jacquard-ready production of Web covers. Its own computer-aided design department and most modern electronically steered automats create the condition for efficient and high-quality production. Their entity operates in compliance with strict ecological and social standards.
The entire product range has been certified according to ÖKOTEX Standard 100.
Product lineup: blanket, bottle warmer, cusion cover



The Kilner business was first established by John Kilner in the 1840's in England. The original Kilner jar is as much-loved and successful now as it was 120 years ago.

Product lineup: tableware



Founded Zebi Baby, now Milkbarn, in 2006. What started as Stacy working at her kitchen table has evolved into a business that distributes products to over a thousand retailers. The entire product range has been certified according to GOTS or ÖKOTEX Standard 100.

Product lineup: babyware, baby blanket, baby towel


Duralex (France)

In 1939 Duralex produced the world’s first tempered glass tumbler, and launched the Duralex brand in 1945. Not only strong, but also possessing a simple and tasteful design, Duralex products are highly esteemed and popular, and are a preferred product in France and around the world.
Product lineup: glassware



Barista - a term that goes hand in hand with the art of coffee preparation. They have created a range of beautiful equipment so every person can prepare by hand their own blend and enjoy their favourite coffee every day. Indulge with lustrous colour and minimalist design, a style statement which is equally at home in a traditional or modern environment.
Product lineup: coffee tools

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